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Make tough jobs easy with Max Professional™ line of lubricants. Specially formulated to penetrate and loosen corroded parts.

Gun Cleaner is a specially formulated deep penetrating cleaner, lubricant that cleans gun actions without disassembly.

Gun Cleaner contains a high grade lubricant for smooth reliable operation of firearm parts while leaving a corrosion-protectant coating for maintaining fine firearms.

Recommended For : Rifles • Shot Guns • Pistols • Revolvers • Bolt Lever Actions • Gun Parts Trigger Assemblies • Extractors/Ejectors • Firing Pins • Safeties Gas Pistons • Crane Assemblies • Cylinder Assemblies • Receivers Actions • Magazines • Gas Ports • Chambers • Barrels • Choke Tubes Barrel Threads • Slide Actions • Automatic Parts • Single Shot Parts